Sunway College has established an eminent reputation for its top-notch programmes

SUNWAY COLLEGE offers a diverse range of globally recognised pre-university programmes, each designed to suit unique academic and learning preferences, paving the way for admission to top-tier universities all across the world.

The Cambridge GCE A-Level, currently administered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education in the UK, emphasises in-depth knowledge, strong reasoning and critical thinking skills. The programme at Sunway College is officially the best-performing A-Level provider in the nation, with students achieving the highest number of Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards among Malaysian colleges for seven consecutive years.

For those choosing the Western Australian pathway, the Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) is currently the best-performing AUSMAT programme in Malaysia, with over 130 world awards to date. It provides a gateway to a Year 12 curriculum from Western Australia. While boasting a proven track record of academic excellence for over 35 years, AUSMAT offers a globally recognised qualification, preparing students for university studies worldwide.

Sunway College is the only provider of the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) programme in Malaysia, providing a direct pathway to Monash University, a prestigious member of Australia’s Group of Eight universities. In 2020 and 2021, 505 graduates received the Monash High Achiever Scholarship for scoring 89% and above. MUFY, designed without a specific disciplinary focus, offers students the flexibility to choose from 12 subjects, allowing them to customise their academic journey according to personal interests and university course requirements.

The International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) is the only Canadian pre-university programme accredited by the Ontario Ministry in Malaysia. In 2022, Sunway College achieved a significant milestone, with over 60% of its students attaining Ontario Scholar status. Statistics reveal over 10,000 CIMP graduates have gained admission to more than 230 universities worldwide. The programme, delivered by Ontario-trained faculty, focuses on independent research and learning skills, and successful graduates receive the prestigious Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The Sunway Foundation Programme remains a popular choice, comprising the Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science and Technology, offering pathways to Sunway University. The teaching staff brings diverse industry backgrounds, enriching classroom learning with real-world expertise. In 2022, over 80% of graduates qualified for the Jeffrey Cheah ACE Scholarship, and both programmes consistently produced the highest number of Sunway University First Class Honours students.

Sunway College offers a range of diploma programmes designed to nurture future-ready talent across diverse fields such as business administration, accounting, culinary arts and nursing. Sunway is credited with establishing Malaysia’s first Diploma in Digital Creative Content, setting a pathway for a popular choice among students.

In its latest tie-up, Sunway collaborates with Arizona State University (ASU), officially recognised as the most innovative university in the United States, to offer the American Degree Transfer Programme, providing access to US degree programmes.

Students enjoy benefits such as ASU Master Classes and a Certificate of Innovation, all at no cost. Under the programme, aligned with the US system, students complete two undergraduate years at Sunway before transferring, potentially saving over 75% on education costs. Sunway has prepared students for transfers to prestigious US universities such as Cornell and the University of Michigan, University of Texas at Austin and Boston University.

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