Sparkling bright like a diamond

Public Gold hosted grand celebration to reward top achievers

KUALA LUMPUR: Public Gold, the leading physical gold investment trading company in Malaysia has hosted its dealers for a spectacular celebration at the Diamond Recognition Ceremony 2023, in recognition of their outstanding sales performance in the past one year, here at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, today. The grand celebration was graced by the presence of Founder and Executive Chairman of PG Group, Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, and his spouse, Datin Wira Yvonne Lim, whom is also a Director of PG Group, accompanied by Mr. Jerry Ng, Chief Operating Officer of PGMall and Top Management Personnel of PG Group.

Established in 2008, Public Gold started out with its flagship outlet located in Penang island, with only a handful of customers, has now grown to a total of 18 branches in Malaysia and neighboring countries, garnering over 1 million customers and is still growing. Not just that, gold dealers that have stayed with Public Gold from the initial founding year up till today, has amazingly achieved many great successes along with the company over the years. It takes a lot of perseverance and determination to achieve what the Group has today. With that, PG Group sees the need to acknowledge these long-serving dealers, whom are the Group’s loyal business partners, with great incentives as a form of appreciation.

This year, Public Gold has hosted the Diamond Recognition Ceremony to celebrate some of the outstanding achievers whom have shown spectacular results in the past year, with total prizes worth more than RM600,000.

The Top Achievers who are eligible for these rewards include, En. Syukor Bin Hashim, commonly known as Mahaguru (mentor in gold investment) and his spouse, Pn. Jonaina Binti Nordin, whom are now the Diamond 6-Star Founding Master Dealers (FMD), and Pn. Azizah Binti Hassan, the newly promoted Ruby 5-Star Founding Master. Apart from these gold gurus, there are four more deserving dealers with remarkable sales performance that have been granted the Certificate of Excellence by Public Gold this year. They are, En. Muhammad Syariffuddin Bin Mohd Jamil (Pearl Triple Star FMD), En. Hafizul Hakim Bin Mohamad Kerta (Jade 4-Star FMD), En. Mohd Shafiq Bin Roslan (Jade Triple Star FMD), and Cik Mazlifah Binti Omar (Jade Triple Star FMD).

Not to mention, the most celebrated Master Dealers among these Top Achievers this year are En. Syukor Hashim and his wife, Pn. Jonaina Binti Nordin, whereby both have been awarded with prize rewards of RM54,000.00 for being the receivers of First Time Qualifying Leadership Pin, RM65,228.00 in yearly bonus, and a bungalow fund worth RM500,000.00.

According to Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, Founder and Executive Chairman of PG Group, “We at Public Gold have always believed in rewarding PGBOs (Public Gold Business Owners) as a way of retaining them. Afterall, we will not have Public Gold without them. The glory that Public Gold has today, is a testament of great team work based on trust – all towards a common goal called Financial Freedom. Hence, it is with great pleasure, we honour these long-serving achievers with reputable titles and prizes as our way of showing gratitude for their life-long commitment and contributions to Public Gold all these years.”

With 15 years of trust building, Public Gold is now ready to explore greater markets around the South East Asia region. In Indonesia alone, Public Gold has impressively expanded to 4 major cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Banjarbaru – ready to welcome 276 million Indonesian to join the Public Gold Business Owner big family. Not just that, Public Gold has also recently been accepted by Singapore Bullion Market Association as its Foreign Associate Member that serves as a catalyst to grow the brand to even greater heights, especially through the world-renowned business hub like Singapore.

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