PETALING JAYA: The value of gross output for Pix for representational purpose only/AFPPixsector in 2021 grew 23.2% to RM101.3 billion as compared with RM82.2 billion in 2020, mainly attributed to the crops sub-sector, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM).

In its Annual Economic Statistics (AES) Agriculture Sector 2021, it said that the value of gross output of crops sub-sector amounted to RM75.8 billion with a share of 74.9%. The other three sub-sectors such as livestock , forestry and logging as well as fisheries recorded RM18.7 billion (18.4%), RM4.4 billion (4.3%) and RM2.4 billion (2.4%), respectively.

The three main states that contributed to the gross output value for agriculture sector were Sarawak with 30.2%, Sabah (20.3%) and Johor (12.3%).

Additionally, the value of intermediate input for agriculture sector registered increased 26.5% to RM45.6 billion in 2021 from RM36.1 billion in the year prior. Meanwhile, value added increased 20.7% to RM55.7 billion from RM46.2 billion for the same period.

Sarawak was the main contributor for the value added at RM18.3 billion with a share of 32.9%, Sabah at RM13.3 billion (23.9%) and Johor at RM6.1 billion (11.0%)

The crops sub-sector was the highest contributor to intermediate input value and value added at RM27.7 billion with a share of 60.6% and RM48.2 billion with a share of 86.5%, respectively.

“The number of persons engaged for agriculture sector in 2021 stood at 496,683 persons as compared to 554,247 persons in 2020 with a decreased of 10.4%. In line with that, the total of salaries and wages paid also decreased by 3.0% to RM8.1 billion in 2021 as compared to RM8.4 billion in 2020

“Crops sub-sector remains as a main contributor to the total number of persons engaged in agriculture sector with 87.0%, livestock (7.3%), forestry and logging (3.0%) as well as fisheries (2.7%),“ it said in a statement yesterday.

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