Most businesses to reopen on Monday subject to conditions (Updated)

PETALING JAYA: Almost all businesses in the nation will be allowed to resume operations on May 4.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pix) made the announcement in his Labour day address which was broadcast on live television today.

Muhyiddin said the government will be implementing the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in which a large portion of economic and social activities would be allowed to resume.

He, however, said this would exclude several activities and sectors which involve mass gatherings or any activitiy that could expose members of the public to Covid-19.

“ These include movie theatres, karaoke centres, reflexology centres, entertainment centres, nightclubs, theme parks, Ramadan bazaars, Aidilfitri bazaars, carnival sales and all kinds of conferences and exhibitions.

“In addition to business, sports activities involving public gatherings, body contact and other risks of infection are also not permitted. This includes football, rugby, swimming and all indoor and stadium sports events,“ he said.

Muhyiddin said outdoor sports activities that do not involve body contact and mass gatherings are allowed.

“ Members of the public can play sports such as badminton or outdoor tennis without an audience. Jogging, biking, golf and small group cycling are also allowed provided you practise social distancing and avoid body contact,“ he said.

Muhyiddin said that social events, civic and cultural events involving mass gatherings such as kenduri, open houses, public breaking of fast events, concerts, cultural performances, government and private department monthly assemblies and all forms of launching assemblies are not allowed.

“Religious activities such as religious parades, Friday prayers and all other congregation or assembly activities at mosques, prayer houses and houses of worship are also not allowed,“ he said.

Muhyddin added that interstate travel to hometowns for Hari Raya Aidilfitri will not be allowed.

“Interstate travel is not permitted except for the purpose of attending work and returning home after being stranded in the village or elsewhere.”

Muhyiddin informed that schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning will not be opened yet.

“A complete list of unauthorised businesses or activities can be found on the National Security Council website. This list will be reviewed from time to time depending on the progression of Covid-19 infections,“ he said.

Muhyiddin said that apart from these, all business and industry sectors, the public and social sectors will be allowed to operate subject to the current rules and regulations and stadard operating procedures set by the authorities.

“These SOPs include social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing of face masks, and reporting to the Department of Health immediately on information on Covid-19 infections.

“Priority must be given to protect at-risk groups such as children, infants, the elderly and the disabled. Ill individuals Immediately must undergo a health checkup, the number of passengers in public vehicle should take into account social distancing and encourage online transaction,“ he said, adding that the country suffers a loss of RM2.4bil everyday under the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the total losses to date is RM63billion.

“If the MCO goes on for another month, we will lose another RM35 billion which would bring the total loss to RM98 billion,“ he said.

Muhyiddin said that customers will be allowed to eat in at restaurants, however, tables must be placed two metres apart with the number of people limited based on table size.

He added that restaurants must register the names of all customers to enable contact tracing if someone tests positive for Covid-19.

Restaurant operators must also ensure the one-metre social distancing rule is observed at the cashier by placing a line on the floor.

“Hand sanitisers must be provided at payment counters and enough soap supplied at sinks.

“Workers meanwhile must wear face masks and, if possible, take the temperature of customers.

“This applies to restaurants and food truck operators and hawkers as well,“ he said.

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