Only know 2 languages? Fret not, Taylor’s Uni is offering FREE language classes online

SLEEP, work from home, chores, eat, Netflix, sleep and repeat. This seems to be the daily routine of many in light of the various lockdowns and Movement Control Orders (MCOs) around the world.

But if the routine is getting frustrating for you, why not spice things up with language classes? Taylor’s University is currently offering free Mandarin, Korean and French lessons online from April 6 to April 17 for everyone.

So if you wanna know what’s behind the lyrics of Blackpink’s latest hit, the Korean language course would be suitable for you. And if your partner has been complaining about your lack of romantic prowess, pick up French.

“With Malaysians being more vigilant and staying home in the effort of flattening the curve, we have decided to offer online classes for three languages – namely Mandarin, Korean and French – at no cost at all. We believe education is a lifelong journey for everyone, be it our students or Malaysians in general. Thus, their educational progress should not be hindered during times like these and we want them to take advantage of the extra time they may have now to equip themselves with a new skill,” said Taylor’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, Professor Dr Pradeep Nair.

If you’re interested, Log on to to sign up and you will receive the log in instructions via email within 24-hours. Register before 6 April 2020, first come first serve basis.

Those who successfully complete the course(s) will be awarded with an e-certificate.

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