The Ci Ai Welfare (CAW) home in Jalan Matang Kuching, Air Itam has started the process of shutting down due to its inability to obtain funds to stay afloat. The home, which has been facing financial problems for a year, has been attempting to sustain operations and care for its neglected and disadvantaged elderly residents with funds donated from time to time by well-wishers. However, this was insufficient and the home was forced to send out an urgent appeal through theSun on May 11, seeking donations to continue operating. CAW founder Wong Seok Fung, 47, said the appeal had only garnered RM4,000 for the home. “While we are very grateful for every sen we received, the RM4,000 raised is insufficient to look after the 20 elderly individuals in our home. We are now on the brink of closing down. MASRY CHE ANI THESUN