KAPAR: An eyewitness said that he saw the light aircraft model BK 160 Gabriel flying in an unusual pattern before it crashed in Kampung Tok Muda, Kapar, Selangor here today.

Jinaidi Nasiran, 55, said he was changing the tyre of his car in his parking lot, facing the location where the aircraft nose-dived into the ground, when the mishap occurred at about 1.30 pm.

“Something is off with the way the aircraft was flying.

“Suddenly it nose-dived into the ground...and I rushed to the crash site and saw that the plane was already in pieces and slightly buried in the ground.

“I tried to look for victims, but none was spotted,” he told Bernama at the scene.

Meanwhile, Siti Zubaidah Salin, 60, who lives 150 metres from the crash site, said she heard a loud explosion, felt a tremor and thought it was an earthquake.

“I was just relaxing at home...when suddenly it felt like an earthquake had occurred. I ran outside but there was nothing. Only later that I hear people talking about a plane crash,” she said.

A fruit seller, Sufian Hadi Abas, 45, said he heard a very loud explosion in the air before the crash.

“When I looked up, I saw fragments of the plane flying everywhere before it crashed into the ground,” he said.

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) confirmed that two persons including the pilot were onboard the light aircraft that crashed in Kapar today.

However, the conditions of the two persons have yet to be confirmed at press time.–Bernama