NIBONG TEBAL: A local man was found dead in a paper fibre pond while cleaning a clogged pipe at a paper box manufacturing factory yesterday.

Penang Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) director, Hairozie Asri, said that initial investigations revealed that the 41-year-old victim had entered the pond alone to clean the clogged pipe, a task that had been delayed for nearly two weeks.

“The victim was reported missing, and the supervisor along with several workers searched for him. CCTV footage showed the victim entering the pond around 3.38 pm yesterday.

“At 10.40 pm, the victim was found dead at the scene. A team of DOSH investigators arrived at the location to conduct an investigation,“ he said in a statement tonight.

He added that the Penang DOSH issued an immediate stop-work notice for the area at the factory where the incident occurred until the investigation is completed.

Hairozie also added that the employer has been instructed to conduct an internal investigation to identify the cause of the incident and implement corrective measures, and to present the case findings to the Penang DOSH.