PETALING JAYA: The launch of the GDex Berhad (GDex) Auto Hub as part of efforts to shift the courier service industry towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 does not mean that manual labour tasks will be sidelined, said Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

He said as the country is moving forward towards digital transformation and information, this will help increase operational efficiency and enhance productivity, improve quality of service as well as enable the learning and development of new skills for workers.

“While the automated sorting hub will reduce the reliance of manual labour, this will not mean that there will be redundancy in hub operator jobs, instead, couriers workers will learn new skills to focus on tasks that require more advanced skills,” he said in his speech at the GDex Auto Hub Grand Launch at the GDex headquarters here today.

Fahmi said GDex is now also giving more focus on cyber security solutions with the employment of 230 people in Information and Technology (IT) to protect their customers’ data.

“This is an area that is not necessarily associated with logistics, but it is a growing concern and I hope that the rest of the industry will follow suit,” he said.

Fahmi said the current contribution of the digital economy towards the country’s Gross Domestic Product is around 22.6 per cent and the government’s plan is to see the contribution of the digital economy rise to 25 per cent by 2025.

“Talking about the digital economy, there is a component which is still ‘manusiawi’ (needs the human touch) which includes sending products,” he added.

He also mentioned that a ‘courier day’ will be introduced as soon as engagements and discussions with all parties concerned are done.

“A number of important announcements are being laid out. Certain engagements have been held. But still, one or two more key engagements are to be done in order for us to have things in place...,” he said. -Bernama