KUCHING: The International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), an affiliate of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) a non-governmental organisation, hosted a vibrant “Peace Walk” event at University of Malaysia, Sarawak (Unimas) campus, here, recently.

This event held on May 25 brought together over 150 participants in a unified effort to promote global peace, transcending boundaries of nationality and ethnicity.

The Peace Walk event at Unimas featured a variety of activities that emphasised unity and community engagement.

Participants also enjoyed yoga sessions and a captivating dance performance by volunteers from IPYG.

There were also interactive booths to explain war and peace and importance of plants to the environment from various NGOs, including Sarawak Eco Warrior.

These activities fostered a spirit of togetherness and highlighted the importance of community involvement in peace-building efforts.

Ronieza Melah Anak Francis, 24, a local, studying Mechanical Engineering at Unimas, expressed her joy in taking part in the event.

“What I enjoy the most is witnessing the genuine connections being formed among people from different backgrounds. It’s incredibly inspiring to see how shared goals and values can bring a diverse group of individuals together. Additionally, the creative and collaborative atmosphere at these events is always uplifting and motivating,“ she said.

Muhammad Mokhlis bin Taipul Nizam, 22, from Johor, a student at the Faculty of Education, Language and Communication said that what stood out the most for him was the diverse group of people from all walks of life and Unimas students mingling.

“For me, It was heartwarming to see people from different backgrounds talking and supporting each other. This sense of community was the essence of the event,“ he said.

The United Nations affiliated HWPL based in South Korea and IPYG continue to champion the cause of global peace, advocating for reconciliation, tolerance, and unity across all borders.

The successful Peace Walk event in Kuching reflects the commitment of local communities to these global ideals, fostering hope for a more peaceful and united world.

In South Korea, the flagship event commenced on the same day at the Peace Gate of Seoul Olympic Park, sponsored by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of Korea.

In 50 other countries worldwide, the Peace Walks were held and complemented by diverse peace-building activities, including landmark walks, peace performances, video screenings, photo exhibitions, poster drawings, sports activities, bazaars, and volunteer opportunities.

Tree planting ceremonies and “free hugs” initiatives further emphasised the spirit of unity and environmental well-being.