KOTA BHARU:- Kelantan and Thai police will work together to track down a male smuggler who fired three shots at Kelantan Customs Department officers who were on duty in an enforcement operation to combat petrol and diesel smuggling near the Pok Mat illegal base in Kampung Simpangan, Tumpat on Wednesday.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said his team has contacted its Thai counterparts to help hunt down and identify the suspect.

He said police are currently carrying out a detailed investigation as it involves relations between two countries.

“Kelantan police have received a report in relation to the shooting on the same day of the incident (Wednesday) and we have exchanged information with police in Thailand,” he said in a special media conference at the Kelantan police contingent headquarters today.

Muhamad Zaki said to strengthen border control, the General Operations Force had been instructed to tighten security control of the Malaysia-Thailand border.

According to him, the customs department has been asked not be act alone during these operations and it needs to be assisted by other security agencies.

“Therefore, I will have discussions with the authorities of other security agencies so that this matter does not recur,” he also said.

“Each enforcement agency at the border needs to be ready for any response from smugglers, and needs to inform about the location of each member who is carrying out duties at the border.”