NILAI: The Ministry of Higher Education will examine the need to balance the number of teaching hours for lecturers in the country’s universities.

Minister of Higher Education Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir said the average number of teaching hours in universities at the moment is around 18 hours a week which is one of the dilemmas faced by lecturers because there are other important responsibilities that need to be carried out.

“Lecturers at universities are of various levels, some who hold positions usually do not teach for up to 18 hours, it depends on the course, the number of students, this situation varies.

“However, the ministry will look into this matter, at the same time we want the lecturers’ activities in writing and doing research to be done well,“ he told reporters.

He said this after attending the National Young Leadership Programme KARISMA: MADANI Thinkers at the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) which was attended by 118 lecturers from various universities here today.

During the engagement session, Zambry said the ministry would prepare a course in dealing with and mastering the new education related to artificial intelligence (AI) for the lecturers to use.

“Gathering experience in teaching to face AI education. Lecturers are the ‘brain of the nation’. You all have great thoughts but if there is no transformation of knowledge, then no good results can be contributed to the country,“ he said.

He said all educators need to use their expertise in line with digital development so that it can be translated to society and the development of this country.

Zambry also described the engagement session with educators as the best platform for voicing thoughtful views and suggestions to improve the quality of the country’s higher education.