KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia intends to introduce “orangutan diplomacy” to palm oil trading countries, said Plantation and Commodities Minister Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani.

He described this approach as a diplomatic strategy through which Malaysia plans to offer orangutan as gifts to trading partners and foster foreign relations, particularly with major importing nations such as the European Union, India, and China.

“In adopting ‘orangutan diplomacy,‘ we aim to demonstrate Malaysia’s unwavering commitment to biodiversity conservation,“ he said through a post on his X account, following his participation in the Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation’s Biodiversity Forum yesterday.

Highlighting the growing global concerns about the environmental impact of agricultural commodities, he emphasised Malaysia’s ability to showcase a balance between meeting food security needs and safeguarding the environment.

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Consequently, he said Malaysia seeks to emulate China’s successful implementation of various forms of ‘panda diplomacy’ with nations worldwide.

Johari said Malaysia cannot adopt a defensive stance on the palm oil issue; instead, it must demonstrate its status as a sustainable palm oil producer committed to forest conservation and environmental sustainability.

“I encourage major palm oil companies to collaborate with non-governmental organisations to oversee, preserve and raise awareness about our iconic wildlife species to our global partners while also offering technical expertise.

“This initiative will exemplify Malaysia’s dedication to preserving wildlife species and ensuring the sustainability of our forests, particularly within the palm oil plantation landscape,“ he added.

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