GUA MUSANG: The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department Air Unit conducted a medical evacuation (Medevac) operation yesterday, flying two Orang Asli patients from Pos Balar and Pos Bihai to the Gua Musang Hospital for treatment.

Subang, Selangor, Central Region Base, public relations officer, asst fire chief Mohd Rizzan Jefri, stated that both patients were flown on the same Agusta Westland (AW) 139 aircraft, which departed from Penang at 12.30 pm yesterday.

“The flight arrived at Pos Balar at 1.58 pm to pick up seven-month old male infant, Zulfahmi Ikhwan Sani, and flew on to Kampung Tendrik, Pos Bihai at 2.20 pm to pick up an elderly female patient, Andak Itam, 64.

“The infant, who was experiencing shortness of breath and coughing, was accompanied by his mother, father, and sister. The elderly patient, who was accompanied by a caregiver, was suffering from fatigue, weakness, and had not eaten in three days,“ he said in a statement today.

Mohd Rizzan added that the aircraft arrived at the Gua Musang Fire and Rescue Station at 2.40 pm, and both patients were immediately transported to the Gua Musang Hospital for treatment.

“The crew departed back to Subang, Selangor at 2.45 pm, with the entire round trip taking two hours and 54 minutes,“ he said.