TAIPING: Over RM134 million has been allocated to 1,919 government-aided schools (SBK) for a project to upgrade and maintain school toilets, with the project expected to commence very soon.

Deputy Education Minister Wong Kah Woh said each of the schools concerned will receive an allocation of RM70,000 as was channelled to government schools last year.

“For now, the allocation is still in the process for us to fulfil all the financial procedures available,“ he said when met during a visit to Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan (SABK) Maahad Al-Khair Lil Banat here today.

“Once everything is fulfilled, then we will channel this allocation to each SBK including SABKs for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading school toilets.”

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Until March 20, a total of 8,354 school toilets have been upgraded with an allocation of RM654.29 million under the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) School Toilet Maintainence Project to benefit over five million students in the country.

Commenting on the visit, Wong said a total of RM300,000 was allocated to seven schools in the Taiping parliamentary constituency to repair or upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure.

He also said all related processes will be handled by the District Education Office (PPD) and respective schools.

“This one-off contribution will be channelled through the Deputy Education Minister’s Office to six government schools and SABK Maahad Al-Khair Lil Banat, and we hope it will be used in the best way by these seven schools,“ he added.

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