SHAH ALAM: Over 2,000 individuals have sought treatment for mental health issues each year at health clinics throughout Selangor since 2020, the State Legislative Assembly sitting was told today.

State Public Health and Environment Committee chairman Jamaliah Jamaluddin health clinics in the Klang district see the highest number of patients each year, exceeding 500 cases, followed by Petaling (over 400 patients) and Sepang (more than 300 patients).

“Among the factors contributing to mental health issues are genetics and personality, such as a low level of mental resistance to life’s challenges.

“These individuals need constant social support to cope with life’s challenges. Lifestyle factors, such as drug abuse and lack of physical activity, also play a role,” she said in reply to a question from Sallehen Mukhyi (PN -Sabak) regarding mental health cases by district from 2020 to present and the government’s strategy to address the issue.

Jamaliah said mental disorders can also stem from life stressors such as trauma, career struggles, housing issues, and stigma against mental health.

According to her, the state government, through the Selangor Health Department (JKNS), has developed seven strategies to address the issue, one of which is inter-agency cooperation.

She said that a technical meeting on mental health, involving stakeholders like psychiatrists, counsellors, district health offices, the state secretary, and the State Education Department, is held at least once a year to review achievements and discuss improvements to the programmes.

“We also conduct suicide behaviour management training for health personnel (MySave), in addition to mental health screening for at-risk clients in the Outpatient Department (hospitals),” she said.