MUAR: Growing up in a silent home where action speaks louder than words has become a norm for Muhammad Loqman since both his parents are deaf and mute, but he was all the more eager to make them proud by excelling in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

On the contrary for Muhammad Loqman Ong Marzuki Ong, 18, the life-long disadvantage in communications with his disabled (OKU) mother and father, Marzuki Ong Maliki, 53, and Maslinda Khamis, fuelled him to succeed.

What touched him most was their silent motivation, unlike the usual mom-pop nagging in normal households, since he read only words of encouragement and advice from his parents through the WhatsApp application.

“I am grateful even though I have never heard my (parents’) voices, I was aware of their paramount concern about their children’s education and always advising us and my siblings through their own method.

“Before WhatsApp came to be, my dad and mum would write every single piece of advice to us, and sometimes use sign language, where we had to learn the language,“ he told Bernama after taking his SPM results at Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Muar here today.

Muhammad Loqman, who is the eldest of four brothers, scored 9As in SPM, and was also a ‘Tokoh Akademik’ in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology at MRSM Muar.

Aspiring to become a Prominent Lecturer in the field of mathematics, he stated that one of the secrets of his success was always holding respect for his parents and always praying to get good results.

“I also practise a diligent attitude by asking the teacher many questions and to fully concentrate in class... at the same time not forgetting sports every day. In fact, my habit was to hold discussions and quiz-style question-and-answers with my colleagues on everything taught in class,” said Muhammad Loqman who is also active in rugby.

Meanwhile, SMK Pasir Gudang 3 student Muhammad Razien Ismail, 18, who was diagnosed with dyslexia since age seven, was among five special candidates who obtained excellent results in Johor for the learning disability category after obtaining 7As.

The youngest of four siblings also attributed his success to the unerring tutelage of his teachers and two close friends Danish and Dani.

His tips for academic success includes an unstinting focus in class, constant revision of lessons at home besides prayers and heeding advice from his parents and teachers.

“Actually, I was surprised to get excellent results like this, because I didn't set a target. I feel very grateful and happy to please my mother and father who are always by my side and praying for my success,” he said at his home in Taman Air Biru in Pasir Gudang here today.

Meanwhile, his mother Ramnah Daud, 55, felt emotional relief in her son’s academic pursuit as she and her husband Ismail Salijan, 58, expressed gratitude for his outstanding results which has proven his ability to succeed.

“Razien is a hard-working and obedient child, when he studies he really focuses and rarely goes out (on extra-curricular) to play with his friends,” she said.