PETALING JAYA: The presence of a vape vending machine at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur has sparked a discussion online amongst Malaysians.

Netizen Boo Su-Lyn took to X today (July 10) to share three photographs of the vape vending machine.

“A vape vending machine at a mall in KL.

“No requirement to scan IC for age verification checks before purchase. Just pay with card or e-wallet,” she captioned her tweet.

At time of writing, the tweet has garnered over 184K views with many X users shocked at the ease for anyone with a card or e-wallet to procure a vape.

“We must be one of the very few countries in the world to allow unrestricted access to vape products with unregulated nicotine content. Disappointing on many many levels,” said an X user.

Another user, @sinach_z, said: “Imagine from almost getting a total ban in the generational endgame bill to this, openly selling vape.”

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has recently called on the government to expedite the gazettement of regulations for e-cigarettes and vape products.

Its president, Dr Azizan Abdul Aziz said the delay has resulted in significant public health risks and exploitation of regulatory gaps by the vaping industry.