KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is making significant strides in embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its national competitiveness and secure its position as a regional digital economy leader, said international “all-in-one” collaboration platform provider Zoom Video Communications.

In a statement today, Zoom’s Head of Asia Lucas Lu said that the Malaysian government’s focus on AI as a pivotal force for the nation’s future bodes well for continued national innovation and growth.

“In recognising AI’s transformative potential, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s recent call to the government, businesses and the rakyat to embrace AI for greater competitiveness is both timely and visionary.

“The announcement of plans to establish the first AI faculty at University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), coupled with the ambition to bring the fastest AI supercomputers to our shores by mid-this year, is a bold step towards securing Malaysia’s position as a regional leader in AI,” he said.

At its end, Lu said Zoom is also leveraging AI to set higher standards for productivity and efficiency in teamwork.

In a separate announcement, the company announced the launch of Zoom Workplace, an AI-powered collaboration platform, alongside expanded AI Companion features.

AI Companion is a generative AI digital assistant which helps users improve productivity and work together more effectively.