SEREMBAN: The performance of ‘Randai’, which incorporates dancing, silat, music and literature must be showcased as an official performance at every suitable event hosted in Negeri Sembilan.

State Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman Nicole Tan Lee Koon said this was to preserve the traditional heritage of Negeri Sembilan, especially for the younger generation, besides promoting and making it a tourist attraction.

“Yesterday, I attended an event that had a ‘Randai’ performance, very interesting. Usually, it is held after the harvest season... it is not too heavy as the performance has elements of comedy. So, I wish to showcase it, including dances that symbolise the identity of Negeri Sembilan.

“When tourists come here, they can watch it. If they go to Bali, Indonesia, they have the Kecak dance, so if they come to Negeri Sembilan, people will talk about the ‘Randai’,” she told reporters after attending the Negeri Sembilan Ceylonese Association Food Carnival here today.

She said the ‘Randai’ performance should also be exposed to students so that the culture and heritage are not forgotten in the future.

‘Randai’, which is participated by no less than 20 individuals, is based on the silat dance movements interspersed with folk songs and accompanied by the music of caklempong, tambourine, salung and gong and it is one of the cultural arts of the Minangkabau community in this state.

Meanwhile, she said that the Negeri Sembilan traditional food trail programme, which combined food from the various races, would be included in the state tourism calendar to attract local and foreign tourists. -Bernama

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