KOTA BHARU: The flood situation in Kelantan has worsened with a sudden spike in the number of evacuees. As of tonight, the number of victims has risen to 1,741 people from 556 families, compared to 655 people from 207 families this morning.

According to the Social Welfare Department’s (JKM) Info Bencana portal, all victims are currently taking refuge in 12 relief centres set up in the districts of Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Bachok, Tanah Merah, and Machang.

In Pasir Mas, six centres have been opened, involving SK Gual To’Deh in Rantau Panjang, accommodating 425 victims from 142 families, SMK Baroh Pial in Rantau Panjang, hosting 573 evacuees from 197 families, and SMK (Agama) Lati, sheltering 88 people from 23 families.

Three more centres, namely SK Gual Periok housing 262 victims from 73 families, Padang Licin Mosque with 46 evacuees from 12 families, and SK Lati with 53 people from 15 families, are also operational.

In Bachok, SMK Beris Panchor and SK Jelawat are accommodating 221 evacuees from 70 families.

A relief centre in Kota Bharu - SK Pangkal Kalong - is currently sheltering 19 people from five families.

Two relief centres have been opened in Tanah Merah - the latest district to be affected by floods - with a total of 42 evacuees from 16 families seeking refuge at SK Kelewek and the Padang Kijang Community Hall.

In Machang, 12 people from three families are taking refuge at SK Pulai Chondong. - Bernama

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