KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Health (MOH) found that 45 out of 769 samples of honey products of various brands failed to meet the standards outlined in the Food Regulations 1985 and enforcement measures have been initiated against the companies and products.

The ministry through the Food Safety and Quality Programme (PKKM), constantly monitors honey products in the market, and the 769 samples of various honey products were collected from 2016 until now.

“According to Regulation 130 of the Food Regulations 1985, honey products must meet specific standards, including containing not less than 60 per cent of reducing sugars, having an apparent sucrose content of not more than 10 per cent and not containing more than 80 mg/kg of hydroxymethylfurfural,“ it said in a statement today.

According to Section 13(2)(e), it is prohibited to prepare or sell any mixed food that does not meet the standards or specifications established by regulations under the act.

“An individual found guilty of breaching this provision may face a fine of up to RM20,000, imprisonment for a maximum of five years, or both,” it said.

It added that the ministry was collaborating with the Malaysian Nuclear Agency and the Department of Agriculture to test the purity of honey using the isotope technique, as recommended by Codex international food standards.

The ministry also provides an Authentic Food Certification Scheme designed to acknowledge food items certified as authentic and meeting the established criteria within the certification scheme.

“This includes honey, meat, coffee, and bird’s nest products. To date, seven companies have obtained authentic certification for their honey products from the Ministry of Health,“ it said. - Bernama

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