SEREMBAN: Online users were taken aback by a tragic discovery made in Port Dickson by the animal rescue group FurryKids Safehaven.

They had reportedly discovered 35 dogs kept in appalling circumstances inside a home.

Sadly, they also discovered the remains of dogs and cats corpses among the abandoned animals.

The team had to break into the locked house, where they found the dogs alongside the carcasses of several other dogs and cats.

The heartbreaking scene suggests the animals were severely neglected, as portrayed in the video.

Additonally, FurryKids believes the situation deteriorated after the owner faced difficulties in January.

The organisation further suspects one of the female dogs may have even been forced to eat her pups to survive, and others likely died from starvation.

A glimmer of hope emerged with the rescue of the 35 surviving dogs.

However, the road to recovery will be long.

FurryKids plans to rehabilitate the dogs, most of whom haven’t been neutered, requiring spaying or neutering procedures.

The cost of caring for these animals is significant.

FurryKids is appealing to the public for donations totaling RM9,500 to cover food, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering procedures for the rescued dogs.

Meanwhile, the state Veterinary Services Department has launched an investigation.

According to theStar, officials will visit the house, today, to investigate and potentially charge the owner under the Animal Welfare Act, which bans cruelty and neglect.

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