KUALA LUMPUR: A British couple running the channel ‘TREAD the globe’ have confirmed communicating with the police in an investigation involving a viral video posted by them which showed a policeman asking for an RM100 bribe to settle a summons issued for speeding.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the couple known as Chris and Marianne said unedited video footage of the incident had been provided to the police.

“We can confirm that we have been communicating with the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department of the Royal Malaysia Police.

“We have provided them with the unedited video footage, date, time and location of the incident. They have apologised and confirmed that they are investigating fully this incident and there is no outstanding speeding ticket,” read the statement, today.

The influencers said they would post further updates when available and that the episode would not affect their love for Malaysia.

On Tuesday, three traffic policemen were arrested in connection to a viral video posted by a British couple alleging that a policeman had asked for an RM100 bribe to settle a summons issued for speeding.

Perak police chief Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said the three - aged between 37 and 42 - from the state’s Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department were arrested to assist with investigations. - Bernama

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