Cabbie hits out at cops for extorting cash from foreigner

PETALING JAYA: Disgusted by their alleged misconduct, a cabbie has lashed out at police for victimising and extorting cash from a foreign passenger he ferried to the KL International Airport (KLIA) on Tuesday night.

The cabbie claimed he had fetched a Bangladeshi man from Sentul and was headed for KLIA as the foreign worker was returning to Bangladesh after months of being jobless.

He was heading towards KLIA with his passenger on the Maju Expressway and exited the Dengkil interchange when they came to a police checkpoint at about 10.50pm.

The cabbie, who neither identified nor showed himself in the video that was widely shared on social media yesterday, lamented the encounter with police after dropping off the Bangladeshi.

“The police personnel at a checkpoint checked our documents and it was in order. The Bangladeshi had a valid passport and a Covid-19 test result letter that cleared him. Despite not committing any offence and telling the cops the Bangladeshi was flying back home, they threatened to fine him RM1,000 for travelling between states and breaching the movement control order.

“They claimed he needed a police permit for the journey.”

The cabbie said he told the police personnel that he had earlier gone to the Sentul district police headquarters to apply for a permit but was told there was no need. The foreigner would only need to produce his air ticket and passport at police checkpoints.

“The police at the checkpoint told me that while I did not need a permit as a cabbie, the foreigner should have applied for one. Moments later, the cops took the Bangladeshi aside and minutes later he returned, and we left for KLIA.”

The cabbie said during the journey, the Bangladeshi alleged that the police personnel had demanded a RM500 bribe if he did not want to be fined but settled for RM100 when he told them he did not have enough money.

He said upon arriving at KLIA, the foreign worker told him that he was down to his last RM50 as the cops had taken the rest of his money.

“Although the fare was RM80, I accepted the RM50. I cannot tolerate and accept this. Like beggars, these police personnel pinched the last amount of cash the foreigner had and because of this, cabbies like me are affected.

“I want my plight to be known by all. The Bangladeshi came here to make a living and as he was out of a job, decided to return to his country. He had all the documents but yet the police took his money.

“Is the Malaysian government not paying them (police) a salary?” he lashed out.

Selangor acting police chief DCP Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed said police are aware of the video and have commenced investigations to ascertain the claim.

“We urge the taxi driver to come forward and lodge a police report on the matter. If he does not do so, it will be difficult for us to investigate. In the meantime, we are conducting an internal probe while we wait for the police report to be lodged by the cabbie,” he told theSun.

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