MELAKA: Three temporary flood relief centres in the state were closed in stages today after all evacuees were allowed to return to their homes.

State Disaster Management Committee secretariat Lt Col (PA) Kamarulsyah Muslim said that in Alor Gajah, the relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Durian Tunggal was closed at 1 pm, while the centre at Balai Raya Bukit Balai was closed at 3 pm.

“In Melaka Tengah district, the relief centre at Dewan Japerun Ayer Keroh was closed earlier, at 10 this morning,” he said in a statement, here today.

The three centres were opened last night after several areas were hit by floods, following heavy rain at 4 pm yesterday, causing the river to overflow.

Among the affected areas in the Alor Gajah district are Kampung Bukit Tambun, Kampung Parit Melaka, Kampung Bukit Balai, Taman Murai Jaya, Kampung Padang Keladi, Kampung Belimbing Dalam and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Durian Tunggal.

Meanwhile, in Melaka Tengah, the affected areas are Kampung Sungai Putat, Taman Melawis Bukit Beruang, Taman Ayer Keroh Heights and Kampung Enam.