MELAKA: A Pakistani man who admitted to continuously staring through the window of a Chinese woman was fined RM6,000 yesterday.

Ahmed Waqar, the 30-year-old defendant, was charged with repeatedly filming videos at a Bukit Berwang home’s back window between 5:52 and 6:10 in the morning on November 14 and December 6, of last year.

Considering the defendant’s actions breached Section 507A(1) of the Penal Code and constituted harassment of the victim, he is subjected to punishment under Section 507A(3) of the same Code.

Those found guilty under the aforementioned rules face a maximum punishment of three years in jail, a fine, or both.

Furthermore, a translator who was fluent in Pakistani was used to read out the allegations because the defendant did neither speak Mandarin or English well.

The accused heard the allegations, lowered his head, and entered a guilty plea.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wardah Ishhar recommended that the offender be given the proper sentence since the victim has been troubled by his actions, which has particularly affected the victim’s personal safety.


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