PETALING JAYA: Nepali security guard, Sherpa Dawa, was lauded for his honesty after returning a suitcase containing over RM500,000 found in a parking lot, recently.

His employer, A5 Security Service, presented Dawa with an award and praised his dedication towards duty.

“We are proud to have security officer Sherpa Dawa on our team,“ A5 Security stated in their Facebook post on March 23rd.

“His unwavering commitment and exceptional integrity are truly commendable.”

Dawa, who has been with the company for four years, humbly said he was simply fulfilling his responsibilities.

Company director, Hardeep Singh Jaswant, presented Dawa with an award and a gift in recognition of his honesty.

Hardeep further commended Dawa’s loyalty and said: “We appreciate his integrity. Our security guards are well-trained and understands their responsibilities. They wouldn’t risk taking such a large sum.”

Dawa, a four-year veteran with A5 Security, remained humble. “I was just doing my job,“ he stated.

“Our company trains us well, and I knew it was my duty. The amount of money didn’t matter.

“It was simply about doing what’s right.”

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