KUALA SELANGOR: The traffic summons payment counters set up by the police at the Central Zone Madani Rakyat programme here received an encouraging response from visitors.

Since opening at 9 am, the counters have been busy with motorists seizing the chance to enjoy discounts of up to 50 per cent on their traffic summonses.

Mohd Rashid Mohd Ridwan, 48, said he successfully settled three summonses.

“After missing out on the discount offer at the Madani Government One Year Anniversary event in Bukit Jalil, I was determined to take advantage of this opportunity here,” he said when met at the Kuala Selangor Sports Complex.

Private sector worker, Hafizulfarhan Abdullah, 30, who was on his way back to his hometown in Sabak Bernam, also made a stop to settle his summonses.

He said the process of checking and paying summonses was easy and did not take much time.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the traffic police said that as of 3 pm, about RM57,000 had been collected from 380 summonses issued for various traffic offences.

He said nearly 50 per cent of these summonses were for exceeding the speed limit.

“These counters are open throughout the three-day programme, and we encourage the public to take this opportunity to settle their summonses at discounted rates,” he said.

The Central Zone Madani Rakyat programme, which runs from 9 am to 10 pm, features various events for visitors.

It also serves as a platform for the people to obtain information about 163 services of federal, state and related government agencies. -Bernama

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