KUALA LUMPUR: Many feel that the concept of ‘Malaysia Madani’ that was introduced today will take the country to a higher level for it includes people from all walks of life and backgrounds to face current and future challenges.

Financial analyst, Anas Fitri Ahmad, 25, said that although ‘Malaysia Madani’ was similar to the previously introduced concepts of ‘1Malaysia’ or ‘Malaysian Family’, its holistic approach to protecting the people’s interests is a fresh idea.

“As a citizen, I want to experience comprehensive benefits for myself and my family. With the current unique government, I hope this idea can be maintained and implemented in the long term,“ he told Bernama.

In SELANGOR, sharing the same sentiment, assistant bank manager, D. Selva Raw, 28, felt that the concept theme corresponded with the composition of the Unity Government which includes various races, ethnicities and religions.

He said it was a positive concept to improve the direction of the country, adding that every member of the community must play an active role, especially in giving ideas and pointing out if something is not right.

Restaurant operator Muhamad Syafiq Suresh, 43 from TERENGGANU expressed a sense of relief when the prime minister promised that the idea of ‘Malaysia Madani’ would not marginalise other races including Indians like him.

Muhammad Syafiq, who reverted to Islam, said he supported the government’s commitment to fighting corruption and exercising transparency, which could eradicate injustice and poverty in this country.

“For the Indian community in Terengganu, which makes up a small number of the population in this state, I hope that the government can eradicate poverty by monitoring the frequency of aid given so that the Indian community can get out of poverty,“ he said.

In PENANG, most people met hoped that the concept of ‘Malaysia Madani’ would help Malaysia to achieve success and glory.

A trader, Shahrul Azmi Mohd Syukur, 45, said he and the public hoped that the concept could improve the standard of living and the country’s economy, among other things.

An accountant at a private company, Nurul Mafizah Mohamad, 36, from Butterworth said the concept needed to be explained to all parties, especially the public at the grassroots level for them to be well-informed about it.

“This idea is very good to be introduced now, especially in the effort to unite the people... but I think it needs to be explained more clearly so that it can help realise the potential of the people and the country,“ she said.

In PERAK, civil servant Muhamad Fahmi Mohd Nor said he was confident that ‘Masyarakat Madani’ could bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the country, adding that this could foster a balance in the standard of living and free the have-nots from the poverty that shackles them.

In MELAKA, private sector employee Norafiqah Jamal, 28, said she believed that the idea could create good governance and convince investors to continue investing in the country thus helping it to deal with the global economic recession expected to occur this year.

‘Malaysia Madani’ is an effort to steer the nation and regain the country’s dignity and glory on the world stage, based on six pillars, namely sustainability, prosperity, innovation, respect, trust and compassion. - Bernama

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