KUALA LUMPUR: Integrating peace education and professional military education curriculum can help towards preventing violence and promoting nonviolent means of conflict resolution in Asean, according to Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan (pix).

He said such an approach is crucial in today’s complex security landscape as military interventions are often accompanied by the need for post-conflict peacebuilding strategies.

“It is crucial, that today’s military education, encompasses critical concepts of peace, through humanitarian principles, civil-military relations, and peacebuilding efforts.

“The role of education in peacebuilding, particularly in post-conflict settings, can significantly contribute to the consolidation of peace,” he said in his opening remarks at the 25th Regional Forum Heads of Defence Universities, Colleges and Institutions Meeting (ARF HDUCIM) here, today.

Mohamad said stability in the Asean region should be prioritised and these outcomes must be materialised at the policy level.

On ARF HDUCIM, he said the event is a platform to share experiences on best practices and lessons learned towards peacebuilding efforts.

“Through joint research, funding initiatives, and mobility programs, we can strengthen academic scholarship on peacebuilding discourse. We may also focus on regional cooperation for capacity-building and training,” he added. -Bernama

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