Opening of RM3.2m project brings relief to parents who faced problems sending, fetching children from school.

KUALA LUMPUR: A two-year project to build a road finally culminated in the opening of Jalan Chong Hwa in Taman Kaya yesterday.

Chong Hwa Independent High School Board chairman Tan Sri Lim Keng Cheng said the purpose to build the new road was to alleviate traffic congestion issues in the area.

“We had complaints from Taman Kaya residents who said they suffered hardships due to congestion caused by parents who were sending or fetching their children from our school.

“It became a major issue for the residents because if an emergency occurred during peak hours, they would be stuck and unable to exit the residential area,” he said.

Lim, who officiated at the launch of Jalan Chong Hwa, said the road cost a total of RM3.2 million.

“Jalan Chong Hwa, which is 800m long, will ease traffic congestion for parents and teachers who frequently travel to and from our school.”

Situated on vacant land next to the school cafeteria, the public can access it directly from Persiaran Parkview after turning in from Jalan Ipoh, leading them directly to the school entrance. Lim said the new road not only alleviates traffic congestion in the residential area but also reduces traffic flow on existing main roads.

“The road will provide greater convenience to residents in the area, our school staff and students.

“Parents can use Jalan Chong Hwa to drop off their children, while students who disembark at the Jalan Ipoh train station can also access the school via this road, making it highly convenient for the public.

“It only requires five minutes to access the main road from the school, saving up to 20 minutes of travelling time. Once the new multipurpose hall is completed and operational, Jalan Chong Hwa will also provide direct access to it,” he said.

Lim also said the reserve land next to the new road has been beautified with a lotus pond, adding an artistic touch to the school grounds.

“It serves as a place for students to sketch and a space for community activities for residents.”

Lim added that the project began after obtaining a 99-year land lease approval for the rear portion of the school grounds.

“We embarked on two significant initiatives. First, we began planning for the construction of the multipurpose hall. Then, we applied to Kuala Lumpur City Hall for the construction of a new road at the back of the school.”

Lim said he wished to see the school’s operation run smoothly and reach excellence in the future.

“I wish to thank everyone who attended this inauguration of Jalan Chong Hwa. Let us work together, hand in hand to make the path of Chinese education broader and smoother as we move forward.”

Chong Hwa Independent High School has 5,000 students and has reached its maximum enrolment.

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