GUA MUSANG: The National Housing Department (NHD) will terminate the contracts of local tenants in Gua Musang People’s Housing Programme (PPR), here, who are subletting their houses to foreigners.

Galas assemblyman Mohd Syahbuddin Hashim said the act of renting PPR units to foreigners is an offence which violates the agreement made when accepting the house.

He said those involved not only did not take advantage of the resettlement facilities received, but were also irresponsible when they acted to generate profit through the housing programme provided by the government to help low-income groups.

“Recently I held a meeting with the maintenance company. It is true that there are elements of renting PPR houses to other people, including foreigners.

“Whether it’s a foreigner or a local citizen, the act of renting is already a breach of contract. I understand that the organizers have given a stern warning notice to the owner and they have removed the foreigners renting at PPR,“ he said.

He said this after being met by reporters at the Galas Chinese New Year Celebration programme at Dewan Datuk Ariffin Said Kesedar headquarters here, last night.

Commenting further, Mohd Syahbuddin agreed that the National Housing Department should step up the operation of tracking house units that have been rented out and impose harsh measures on owners who are deemed not in need of the house.

“There should be taken strict action because they are already aware of committing the offence,” he said.

He said this is a reminder to other owners that there is no compromise on the abuse of the facilities provided by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to them and the units repossessed will be given to those who really need them. - Bernama

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