SIBU: There are currently no drug processing laboratories in Sarawak, said Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP Datuk Ibrahim Darus.

According to him, the drug supplies seized by the police so far have been brought in from outside Sarawak.

“Although there have been attempts to set up drug processing laboratories, the police have successfully eradicated them completely,“ he said without elaborating on these successes.

He said this when answering a question from a community leader at the Community Policing Programme with the Sarawak Commissioner of Police at the MUC Hall here today.

The programme, which was opened by Sarawak Commissioner of Police CP Datuk Mancha Ata, aims to increase public awareness about the importance of crime prevention and shared responsibility in assisting the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) in preventing it.

It also serves as a platform for face-to-face discussions with the top leadership of the PDRM to address and find solutions to crime-related issues.

According to Ibrahim, drugs from outside are detected through scans by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (KDRM), which operates 24 hours at Sarawak’s entry points.

“However, syndicates change their modus operandi every time they are caught. If they are caught today using bags, another syndicate will find different methods and approaches.

“The police and customs are constantly studying and investigating to identify the modus operandi of any future smuggling attempts,“ he said.

In January alone, the police successfully seized drugs worth over RM7 million intended to be brought into Sarawak.

In this regard, Ibrahim urged the Sarawak community to provide information about drugs in their respective areas to the police to enable prompt action to be taken to combat the drug problem. -Bernama

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