GUA MUSANG: The Temiar Orang Asli community is concerned that their settlement may be turned into a plantation site about 100 metres from Kampung Mendrod, Pos Brooke here.

Resident Uda Busu, 32, said the forest area surrounding the settlement has been cleared for the past two years for the Musang King durian tree planting project by developers from outside the district.

He said the forest and hill areas cleared for the plantation project could also be clearly seen from the back of their houses.

“Over 500 residents are worried about their children’s future as they may lose their homes.

“The existence of large-scale plantations also affects our daily lives, which heavily rely on natural resources to generate income, including obtaining daily food,” he told reporters at Tanah Tinggi Lojing here today.

Rama Ajom, 44, said representatives from plantation companies also approached them to discuss payments for their land, which is planted with rubber trees.

Meanwhile, village head Alang Busu, 61, hopes the farming activities can be carried out in a more controlled manner to preserve the settlement which they inherited from their ancestors.

“We have to face many consequences, including polluted water sources and the threat of wild animals.

“So far, the ancestral graveyard has not been disturbed yet, but we are concerned. We hope there will be control and early prevention,” he said.

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