THE Association for Welfare Community and Dialogue (Acid) which holds dearly the importance of dialogue for peaceful coexistence among nations welcomes the deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic ties.

It is hoped that addressing Tehran’s nuclear programme and a chance to cement a ceasefire in Yemen would bring these two nations together.

The most important aspect is to build trust through dialogue.

The lack of trust is the major source of conflict between these two nation-states.

The agreement comes as Iran accelerates its nuclear programme after two years of failed US attempts to revive a 2015 deal that aimed to stop Tehran from producing a nuclear bomb.

Those efforts have been complicated by a violent crackdown by Iranian authorities on protests and tough US sanctions on Tehran over accusations of human rights abuses.

It is heartening to note that China has played a significant role in the peace effort between these two nations, whereas the US has clearly failed due to its hegemonic designs that have denied justice to the people in the region for decades.

China has to walk the path of complexity and needs the help of like-minded nations of the UN on pursuing a durable and lasting peace in West Asia.

The failure to resolve the Israeli -Palestinian conflict, unjust sanctions against Iran and Syria initiated by the US and the West, and using human rights as a tool of deception that hides hegemonic designs and the behaviour of authoritarian regimes that are not in sync with its own people have shaped what this region is today.

The suffering people of West Asia, who are torn down by war and sanctions, await creative, innovative and just solutions that address historical injustice in the region.

To achieve significant peace, sovereign states have to pursue dialogue of mutual respect and equality, in bringing rivals to meet each other after long rivalry, which a hegemonic power such as the US would find hard to accept what more when it is China who is pursuing peace which the US regards as a threat to its hegemony.

On the other hand, one of the critical aspects of lasting peace that needs to be kept in mind by China is to ensure the peace that is pursued in the region should involve the active participation and aspiration of the people of the region instead of a political elite endeavour that merely revolves around business deals of strategic importance.

It is hoped that other nations who desire peace should collaborate with China to bring durable peace and prosperity to West Asia.

Ronald Benjamin


Association Welfare, Community and Dialogue

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