Sets new benchmark for extreme durability and quality, with superior AI-enhanced entertainment to A Series

OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

OPPO Malaysia today announced the official launch of the OPPO A3 Pro 5G smartphone. Built to provide all-round endurance and longevity within a stunning and premium design, the brand’s new A Series smartphone features a 360-degree damage-proof armour body for drop and impact resistance, IP54 water and dust resistance, and “Splash Touch” for use with wet hands.

With additional features like a 120Hz ultra bright display, AI LinkBoost, AI eraser and a large 5,100mAh “hyper energy” battery with over-four-year lifespan and a 45W SuperVOOC “flash charge” capability, the OPPO A3 Pro brings practical technology to life for an enhanced, long-lasting entertainment.

Since its launch in 2008, the OPPO A Series has garnered the loyalty of 700 million users globally, spanning 16 years. Today, OPPO officially announces it All-Round Durable Champion, the A3 Pro, bringing OPPO’s self-developed generative AI technology and elevating the durability quality of the A Series to new heights.

Extreme reliability, durability

The OPPO A3 Pro’s 360-degree damage-proof armour body features a new reinforced internal structure and a suite of drop-resistant materials like Panda glass (twice-reinforced) for the screen cover that ensure the phone can withstand most everyday drops and impacts.

Key internal components are equipped with cushioning materials, leaving sufficient shock absorption space, like a sponge. With these protections, the phone can withstand being run over by an 11-ton, 48-seat bus without any damage.

In recognition of its extreme ruggedness, the OPPO A3 Pro has received SGS Drop-Resistance Certification (Standard) and SGS Military Standard Certification.

For even greater protection against accidental drops, the OPPO A3 Pro also comes with a newly designed anti-drop shield case as standard. Equipped with this case, the phone can endure 450 rotations in a tumble test unscathed, demonstrating a 200% increase in protection compared to when it is without the case.

$!OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

Further to this, the Splash Touch feature makes it possible to use the phone as normal with wet hands. Based on an advanced touch detection algorithm within the touch chip, Splash Touch improves touch accuracy and responsiveness when the screen is wet, allowing users to continue operating the phone while cooking, immediately after getting out of the shower, or in virtually any other situation in which their hands may be wet.

Rated IP54 for water and dust resistance, the phone can also withstand everyday splashes and dust, and has been tested to work perfectly after being exposed to rain for 10 minutes.

$!OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

The OPPO A3 Pro not only boasts durability but also maintains a sleek and luxurious design, measuring just 7.68mm in thickness and weighing approximately 186gm.

Featuring a premium, glossy middle frame design and an angular rectangular camera decorative area on the back cover, the phone exudes a sophisticated look and feel from top to bottom.

Two refreshing colours – Moonlight Purple and Starry Black, add a further alluring vibe to the design. Crafted with the unique Magnetic Particle Design, Moonlight Purple features dynamic flowing textures set against its dark purple back cover.

For a more classic look, Starry Black presents an ever-changing matte texture brought to life with the iconic OPPO Glow process.

Best-in-class entertainment

A standout entertainment feature of the OPPO A3 Pro is its new 120Hz ultra bright display.

With a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits in sunlight, a typical brightness of 850 nits, and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, the 6.67-inch screen offers one of the clearest and smoothest viewing experiences on any smartphone in its price range, outperforming competitors in the same price segment.

This high refresh rate and brightness make the OPPO A3 Pro an ideal device for gaming, providing gamers with responsive controls and an immersive visual experience that brings games to life with stunning clarity and fluid motion.

The OPPO A3 Pro’s large 5,100mAh hyper energy battery ensures long-lasting performance even during extended gaming sessions. With 45W SuperVOOC flash charge, the battery can be charged to 100% in 74 minutes, minimising downtime and keeping you in the game.

$!OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

Additionally, Smart Charging adapts to your charging habits, providing safer and more efficient charging to protect the battery’s longevity and maintain peak performance for over four years of normal use.

Brand-new AI features in the price range

The OPPO A3 Pro elevates using experience on the A Series to new heights through the power of AI. OPPO’s proprietary AI LinkBoost uses a system-level AI model to ensure stable connections in any locations. With this, users can enjoy seamless connections when gaming or watching online videos even in areas with weak signals or busy networks.

$!OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

OPPO’s AI Eraser has also been introduced to the A Series for the first time. Using the power of OPPO’s generative AI model, AI Eraser is able to identify and remove unwanted people or objects from images and seamlessly fill in the gaps to create a flawless shot without any traces of editing.

Practical technology for guaranteed long-term smoothness, enjoyment

The OPPO A3 Pro is powered by the 6nm MediaTek Dimensity 6300 5G mobile platform, delivering more power and added 5G capabilities with lower power consumption.

On top of that, it comes with 8GB memory and 256GB storage with up to 8GB of additional RAM through RAM Expansion, guaranteeing smoother multi-app use at all times.

Thanks to those features and OPPO’s Trinity Engine, the A3 Pro has passed OPPO’s 50-month “fluency protection” test, guaranteeing at least four years of smooth everyday use.

With the ultra volume mode that boosts the phone’s loudspeaker volume by up to 300%, it’s now easier than ever to hear audio output or phone calls with exceptional clarity, even in noisy environments. And clear and crisp photo and video content are never more than a few taps away on the OPPO A3 Pro, thanks to an incredible 50MP AI dual camera set-up and an 8MP selfie camera.

Portrait, AI portrait retouching and dual-view video modes are also included to help users unlock extra creativity and capture completely natural-looking content.

Pricing, availability

The OPPO A3 Pro, in Moonlight Purple and Starry Black, are available at a recommended retail price of RM1,099. Customers who purchase the smartphone from now until July 31 through any channel will be entitled to receive a free 180-day screen protection warranty (screen value worth RM209).

$!OPPO Malaysia Unveils A3 Pro 5G

Customers can purchase the OPPO A3 Pro at all My OPPO Space, OPPO Brand Store, authorised dealers, chain store partners, OPPO official online store and OPPO authorised online store (via Shopee, Lazada and TikTok).

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