International supermodel Amber Chia has set a record by walking on Malaysia’s highest altitude fashion runway!

Fearlessly taking on the challenge on the top of KL Tower, which is ranked as the seventh tallest tower in the world, Chia showcased the beauty of Hanfu during a recent photo shoot.

In the video, Chia is seen walking around the top of the tower with no safety railings. On top of overcoming her fear of heights, the supermodel also had to adapt to the strong winds at the top of the tower, making it an incredibly risky endeavour.

One of the challenges that the production team had to go through was the strict and rigorous approval processes with various units of the KL Tower management. Due to the risks and challenges, as well as the shooting area that has never been open to the public, Chia was required to sign a waiver letter before stepping onto the relevant floor.

$!Walking on a high altitute

Chia transformed herself with multiple AI costumes in the video, showcasing the beauty of oriental Hanfu from different dynasties.

Chia recently collaborated with mobile game Moonlight Blade M to promote the ancient oriental culture, which has a history of thousands of years. Donning an intricately detailed red Hanfu while striding along Bukit Bintang street in Kuala Lumpur, she stuns passersby of all ethnicities and is met with widespread admiration.

$!Despite being afraid of the height, Chia marched on bravely

Adapted from the legendary martial arts masterpiece The Magic Blade by Gu Long, Moonlight Blade M has sparked a gaming craze in multiple countries, including China and Korea since its launch. It has dominated numerous download charts and even expanded the exquisite beauty of oriental culture into various fields, including fashion, music, and tourism.

As the masterpiece celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Chia’s record-breaking Hanfu runway at the KL Tower also marks another milestone for this renowned literature.

$!Despite being afraid of the height, Chia marched on bravely

Previously, the highest fashion show in Malaysia was held at the public observation deck (Skydeck) of the KL Tower earlier this year. As for Chia’s fashion runway, it was located at least two floors higher than the tourist spot at the telecommunications tower, making it even more of an extravaganza!

Published by Southeast Asia’s game publisher VNGGames and developed by Tencent Aurora Studio, the mobile version of Moonlight Blade M is now available for free download on mobile phones in Singapore and Malaysia.