FOLLOWING its worldwide success in 2023, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is back with its sequel for a release in Malaysia today, ahead of Singapore and Thailand.

The dark edition of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 is rated as 18+ due to its gruesome and violent scenes.

Mega Films Distribution has confirmed through cinema chains GSC and TGV that the movie will be released completely uncut nationwide – a rare treat for audiences craving unfiltered suspense and intrigue.

The local film distributor, for the first time ever, has provided a warning on its disturbing content, urging certain audiences, including “pregnant women, individuals with heart conditions, those easily disturbed, and those with health issues,“ to watch at their own risk.

The bloodthirsty Winnie the Pooh has been a topic of discussion, not only for its potential to ruin cherished childhood memories but also due to controversies.

In Hong Kong, political considerations led to the abrupt cancellation of the film’s release, sparking intense discussion among netizens even before its premiere. Despite its online popularity and social buzz, local distributors were initially hesitant to bring the movie to Malaysia.

In this sequel, Winnie the Pooh, along with other iconic and beloved friends such as Piglet and Tigger, venture out of the Hundred Acre Wood once again to seek revenge for their escape in the first instalment. The movie also pays homage to several classic horror films at the same time, including It, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Happy Death Day.

The dark edition of Winnie the Pooh is far from a cute and cuddly bear.

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