ZALORA’S Zaloraya 2024 campaign is a vibrant celebration of modest fashion for the Hari Raya season. With a focus on love, sisterhood, and family, the campaign’s heartwarming film highlights the enduring allure of cultural traditions, bringing to life the essence of Ramadan through the story of familial connection.

$!Zalia men’s collection is designed to accentuate masculinity.

This year’s Zaloraya collections feature a diverse array of quality, trendy and affordable pieces from 19 renowned brands, including Zalora’s labels Zalia and Lubna.

For the first time, Indonesian labels Ria Atelier and Embara, and Malaysian label FM by Fuzana Mokhtaza join the lineup, alongside exclusive pieces from popular designers Neelofa and Tom Abang Saufi. The fusion of tradition and trend is evident in each curated collection, catering to the evolving tastes of a younger generation that values both faith and fashion.

$!Lubna’s offerings for Raya are comfortable yet stylish.

Incorporating environmentally friendly materials, nearly 20% of Zalora’s private label modest wear pieces this season embrace sustainability, using materials like linen, rayon and recycled fabrics. This commitment reflects Zalora’s dedication to meeting the growing demand for eco-conscious fashion while maintaining style and affordability.

With 2.4 million active users as of Q4 2023 in Southeast Asia, Zalora continues to enhance its technology and infrastructure to meet evolving consumer demands. The regional e-fulfillment hub in Malaysia ensures smooth operations and timely deliveries, especially during peak periods like double-digit sales days and festive seasons.

$!Lubna also offers a collection for kids.

Moreover, the company’s focus on sustainability extends to its logistics operations, with efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote a circular economy through eco-friendly packaging and recycling initiatives.

The Zaloraya 2024 campaign seeks to promote modest fashion through a blend of tradition, trends, and sustainability. With its diverse collections, collaborative partnerships and customer experiences, Zalora continues to shape the future of fashion in the region, paving the way for a greener and more stylish tomorrow.