He angrily called out the mistreatment of foreign workers in his viral video.

RECENTLY, a viral video of a Bangladeshi man condemning the mistreatment of foreign workers in Malaysia has sparked the ire of many Malaysians.

The Bangladeshi man, believed to have resided for some time in Malaysia, boldly declared that future Bangladeshis in Malaysia will become the next Prime Minister.

Reposted by @tbg.arsenal on TikTok, the video started off with the man stating that foreign workers have majorly contributed to the nation’s wealth, working in agriculture, sanitation, and other sectors as mentioned in the clip.

After that, he went on to bravely proclaim that the younger generation of Bangladeshis will one day become Malaysia’s future leaders.

“I’m telling you one day, the (next generation) of Bangladeshis will become the next Malaysian Prime Minister,” he said.

Besides that, the Bangladeshi man called out Ustaz Sophian believed to be the President of the Penang Surplus Welfare Association, Mohd Sophian Mohd Zain.

It is said that Ustaz Sophian is well-known for his stance against illegal business practices in Penang by foreign workers and he was reported earlier to be involved in a shop’s raid located in Kuala Lumpur.

The man then questioned why Ustaz Sophian did not run any inspections on shops owned by Indonesian and Thai nationals.

“In Penang, there are thousands of shops run by Indonesian and Thai people. Why does he raid the Indonesian shops but not the Thai ones?

“Indonesians get married to Malays. Malay men marry Indonesian women. They sell satay, bakso and ‘pecel lele’. Meanwhile, Thais run their businesses selling tomyam, grilled fish and all kinds of fried food.

“What do you know? Why did you raid these premises in the first place?” he said.

$!Credit - @tbg.arsenal/TikTok

Not only that, he pointed out that Malaysia’s progress and wealth was built off the backs of hardworking and diligent foreign workers.

“Now that the country has progressed and become rich, you insult foreign workers. Foreign workers work hard in their jobs, unlike you!

“Bangladeshis and foreigners marry Malay women. What else are they going to do? Are they going to rob someone? Kidnap people? Scam others? No!” he asserted in his video.

Netizens were needless to say, displeased by the Bangladeshi man’s video and urged the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to arrest him for his incendiary material.

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