No rain or obstacles will stop the act of kindness of humans to help those who are in trouble.

DEDICATED employees from a nasi kandar restaurant in Bangsar recently earned praise from netizens for their quick and selfless response in clearing a fallen tree that was blocking a road during heavy rain.

A 24-second video, shared by user @salim.hanafiah, showcased the commendable efforts of four men, dressed in their work attire and aprons, as they collaborated to remove the fallen tree at a junction.

Despite facing challenges in the pouring rain, the team successfully cleared the obstruction, allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

The video gained significant traction, accumulating over 487,000 views and 15,600 likes, with netizens expressing admiration for their altruistic act.

The incident highlighted the employees’ dedication to their community, resonating with social media users who praised their commitment and bravery in ensuring smooth traffic flow during adverse weather conditions.

Expressing gratitude, @Sofina commented, “Thank you, brothers, for taking a huge risk in removing the tree during heavy rain. They still do it despite the danger. Thank you very much.”

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