MALAYSIAN businessman Sunny Seow received online praise for his heartwarming act of generosity towards two long-time employees. Sunny, who runs a Tau Foo Fa business, surprised his two Malay staff members with two months’ bonuses and a week-long Raya holiday.

In a viral Facebook post, Sunny shared a glimpse into his 12-year journey with these employees. He recounted how they joined his company at a young age, earning only RM900 per month. Over the years, their dedication and hard work were rewarded with salary increases, reaching RM5,000 today.

In addition to financial rewards, Sunny also expressed his pride in witnessing their personal growth, including helping them purchase a house and a car, and seeing one employee build a family.

“They began working for me at the age of 16,“ Sunny wrote. “Over the years, I’ve been able to help them purchase a house and a car. One of them is now married with two children. I take pride in having played a role in lifting a family out of poverty.”

This story highlights Sunny’s commitment to his employees’ well-being.

He not only extends Chinese New Year bonuses to his Chinese staff but also prioritises their ability to prepare for the upcoming Raya festivities with the early bonus and extra time off.

Sunny’s generosity and commitment to his employees have resonated with many netizens, who praised him for prioritising their welfare and celebrating their success.

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