MANY employees have at some point wondered if their managers truly value their long-standing contribution in their respective organisations.

Despite years of effort, sweat, and tears, the majority of workers tend to leave empty-handed.

Recently, a staff from Johor Baru-based jeweller was selected by her employer to receive a precious reward for her services to the company..

The lucky woman received a brand-new Proton X50 from TIANSI which the company subsequently posted on their LinkedIn profile.

They wrote, “Celebrating excellence, TIANSI awards an X50 vehicle. At TIANSI, we believe that excellence should not only be recognised but celebrated. Today, we are thrilled to announce that one of our esteemed team members has become the proud owner of a new X50, in recognition of their relentless efforts and significant contributions to the company.”

“At TIANSI, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, inspired and recognised. By celebrating moments like this, we not only show our respect for individual achievements but also showcase our corporate culture and values to the world.” The post read.

The woman, who has worked at the company for ten years, also shared the company’s benefits via her XiaoHongShu account, describing on how the company sends its staff on vacations and seminars.

“Working in this company, I can also buy two houses and two cars under my own name, and I can bring my family along to living a good life with my own capabilities, which is really fulfilling,“ the lady added in her post.

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