A WOMAN’S complaint about a dish ordered online landed her in hot water after the restaurant owner discovered her post and lodged a police report against her for defamation.

A report by Malaysia Trend today said that the complaint was lodged by TikTok user @zirahrc, who had uploaded a video of her expressing her dissatisfaction about the Pattaya fried rice dish not worth the price of RM9.50 which Zirah ordered from Asmani Tomyam Seafood in Alor Setar.

She ordered her meal through a food delivery app plus a delivery charge of RM4.00 totaling it to RM13.50.

“Look what kind of nasi goreng pattaya you get. It looks sick. Should this be priced at RM13.50? Is this how you cook, wow?” Zirah lamented in her video.

But the restaurant owner, also a Tiktok user by the username @ridzuan_abdunloh13, discovered that she had recorded her complaint after she had consumed her dish and said that the customer should not have eaten the food before recording lest when the dish is almost done with.

He also added that the price of the dish was due to Zirah ordering it through a food delivery app meanwhile he prices his food reasonably.

“If you buy it directly from my restaurant, it’s only RM6,” he said.

Meanwhile, the video had invited some critics shaming Ridzuan for being unwilling to accept criticism about his establishment and sparked amusement among other social media users.

Later on, Ridzuan lodged a police report against Zirah and demanding her apology for defaming his restaurant.

“It’s my first time seeing a restaurant owner make a police report because of Pattaya Fried Rice,” a netizen said online.

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