GOOD and bad times in a business are common, business owners know this fully well. Facing the ups and downs of business is one thing, but facing various characteristics of customers is another.

In a recent TikTok post, @nisya126 recorded herself selling nasi lemak. In the midst of preparing a nasi lemak takeout for a customer, she was asked about the price of the nasi lemak, to which she responded, “RM2.”

When it came to the order, the customer felt the need to add more eggs, sambal, and anchovies. Hence, costing RM2 for a pack of nasi lemak, it came to RM2.50.

The unhappy customer responded, “I just asked for a little (extra toppings), you said RM2, but why is it RM2.50 now?”

Additionally, the customer also stated “I would rather buy nasi lemak at another stall than paying you RM2.50.”

The vendor managed her frustration, took a deep breath, and decided to sell him the nasi lemak for the asking price.

You’d think that would be the end of the nasi lemak fiasco, but the customer instead asked if the seller would accept an online transaction of RM2.50.

However, the customer declined to buy the nasi lemak and left after the vendor stated that she only accepted cash.

Many internet users urged the vendor to exercise patience and to remind consumers that grocery prices had been rising despite the general assumption that the video could be fake.

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