A LUXURY sports car was attacked by an older man for parking illegally at a bus stop recently.

A video posted by 馬來西亞東方日報 Oriental Daily News Malaysia on Facebook said that the incident took place at Jalan Perak in Georgetown, Penang recently.

“Near Jalan Perak, a man was found kicking a Lamborghini parked illegally in front of a bus stop and in a fit of rage, broke the right side mirror,” the news page captioned in their post.

Not only was the Lamborghini parked illegally but it also blocked the PwD’s (persons with disabilities) path.

A report by China Press said that the man, who is in his 40s, also scratched the cars’ paint off which caused alarm in some people, who witnessed the incident, and notified the car owner of the incident.

The man was presumed to be not of sound mind.

It turns out that the Lamborghini car owner was dining at an economy rice restaurant and rushed out to check on his car after being notified and allegedly called the police before tying the side mirror gingerly and leaving the scene.

While many netizens admired the man’s courage, others reminded him of the consequences and suggested that he contact the authorities to handle the situation.

“You better get your wallet ready since you basically vandalised this man’s car,” a netizen advised.

“You would have a lawsuit and be criminally charged. Best of luck paying off the damages,” another netizen pointed out.

“There’s no use getting angry like this. Just call law enforcement to handle the matter,” a netizen said.

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