‘Human parking’, which is standing in a parking space to reserve it for another car to park in, is not only against parking etiquette but illegal in Malaysia.

Local actress Elvina Mohamad has caught a woman blatantly lying about a parking spot for another car illegally in a viral TikTok video under her account, @elvinamohamad.

“We were driving in circles for three to four times looking for parking and this woman can stand at our spot, reserving it for her friend.

“She then lied and said that she had been standing there for a long time but we were already waiting to park at that spot after another car left,” she said in the video caption.

As Elvina was trying to park at the side of the road, there was a woman blocking her path and playing dumb about the whole situation.

“How can you go and ‘chup’ the parking spot like this,” Elvina asked the woman in the video.

To which the woman replied: “I don’t know,” and proceeded with acting ignorant.

The woman continued ignoring Elvina and guided the other car next to her, helping the car.

The video garnered over three million views on TikTok and netizens were displeased at her behaviour while some suggested to report her act to the police.

“There are some people who can be so selfish like this, simply reserving parking spots. Just park right next to the car so no one can get out,” a netizen commented.

“There is an act under the law that will punish those who reserve parking illegally like in the video,” another netizen pointed out.