A recent post by user @twtsecretsmy had a strong statement from a lady about how her parents depend on her for financial support.

In the post, the anonymous person was pretty open about having to cope with trying situations in the past, but nothing compared to the pain of learning that her parents are against her.

She claimed that ever since she began working, she has covered every expense for her family, including water bills, membership dues, study loans, and the phone bills for her, her brother, and her father.

“Ninety percent of my salary goes straight towards covering these expenses,“ she said. “I have 10% left over for savings, my own expenses, and my parents’ monthly allowance.”

She further indicated that because her whole salary is utilised to support her parents, pay off debt, and cover costs. She heartbreakingly added that she has not be able to save money for the past two years.

She additionally revealed that even though her father is still employed, he continues to ask her for money, to which she gives. Even though he is still employed, she expressed uncertainty about his personal financial habits.

Though her father became increasingly demanding when he learned she was working part-time.

The young woman still expressed sympathy for her father and kept giving him money. She continued by voicing her gratitude for everything he had done to help her reach this point.

“As usual, I would lend him the money, but when I tried to ask for it back a few days later, he would act as though he wasn’t going to return it anytime soon,“ she went on. And after that, he even went so far as to beg her for additional money.

Even after she had told him she had no money left, he still asked her what she had done with it all this time and why she had refused to give it to her father.

After the argument, she said that her parents were so upset that her mother left a message for her in the family group, urging her to consider all the hardships they had endured while yet making every effort to raise her.

She disclosed that there were times she was left alone for more than two weeks with just RM50, yet she was still able to make ends meet, sometimes going days without food to prioritise her family.

Furthermore, she went on to say that she doesn’t often ask people to repay her. She is, nonetheless, attempting to save money for her father’s dental care and new shoes.

“To all the parents out there, please remember that your children are not your investment plan,“ the author said as she wrapped up her piece. “No child was requested to be born, to grow up, and to be treated as though their parents were the source of their whole existence. As parents, it is your duty to raise your children, not to view them as an asset for your company.”

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