THE rising cost of living continues to bog the rakyat as multiple reports involving increasing prices at various Ramadan bazaar continues to crop up recently.

Thankfully, a brave makcik in Arau, Perlis didn’t hold back and put the question of rising costs straight to our Prime Minister.

A TikTok video released by @wanpakyatowingperlis on Monday (April 1) captured the scene: Anwar visiting a Ramadan bazaar, besieged by crowds as he prepared to depart.

He was fortunate to run into Makcik.

A makcik in the crowd saw an opening to question Anwar about her complaints about the expense of living and promptly grabbed it, as she could be heard saying:

“Everything is becoming increasingly pricey. You should pay more attention to this!”

Hearing her remarks, Anwar responded with a nod and a comforting grin.

When the makcik informed Anwar that the market was busier than normal owing to his presence, he joked that he should stop by the bazaar every day, to which she replied in jest, “Yes, you have to come here every day.”

Despite having expressed her frustrations just moments before, the makcik opted to end her encounter with Anwar with a sincere “I love you, bye!” as he entered the car.

At the time of writing, the video has since amassed over 1 million views and hundreds of comments from netizens.

Many were impressed by the makcik’s bravery in bringing up an issue that had been on everyone’s mind to Anwar himself.

“Finally, someone has spoken up.” a TikTok user commented.

Another user commented: “She told him (Anwar) about our anxieties directly in front of his face.’

“Congratulations to makcik for asking such a challenging question in a hilarious way!”

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